It's time for the Toad-ally Eeerie-sistable October PolicyStat Update!

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Monthly updates for October 2017


October Education Schedule

Our Education sessions are complimentary webinars available to any and all PolicyStat customers who want to better understand our product. 

The handout available at the link below provides a schedule of the webinars with links to register. Please distribute the link and/or the PDF to all of your applicable staff. 

PolicyStat Monthly Feature Review 

The PolicyStat Monthly Feature Review highlights everything our development team has rolled out for the month, and a peek at what’s ahead. It's a great chance to review what's new and offer feedback.

Please join us October 25.

Need the full schedule?

Visit our Learning Center Education page or click the link below.

October Education Schedule

From Our Product Development Team

For the latest developments as they happen, visit and subscribe to the PolicyStat Newswire.

New Features/Updates Launched In September

Acknowledgments Assigned to Scheduled Policies
For client sites which have the Scheduled Effective Date feature enabled, policies with a status of Scheduled can now have acknowledgments assigned.

For more on the update, see this Newswire post.

POLICYSTAT USER ROLES IMPACTEDArea Manager | Site Administrator

Table of Contents
The Table of Contents feature is all about helping end users of a document navigate directly to the right location in the file and get access answers to their questions quickly. This feature quickly links users to a heading or subheading via the corresponding Table of Contents link.

For more on this feature see this Knowledge Base article.


Numbered Headings
Numbered headings use text boxes with Heading formatting to serve as major list items. This helps break up long lists into more easily manageable parts and increases the readability and usability of your content. Numbered Headings also populate the Table of Contents, which can quickly link users to part of the list for easy access.

For more on this feature see this Knowledge Base article.


Scheduled Effective Date
Some policies require a delay between the date they complete the Approval process and the date they become active and searchable for all users. This may be the result of users needing to complete training, reach an implementation date required by a regulation, or other circumstances.

This feature will allow Owners to mark an effective date (or a number of days) past the final date of approval, which will determine when a policy becomes active.

For more on this feature, see this Learning Center article or this Newswire post.

Due to custom configurations applied to some sites, not every site will be able to activate this feature right away. Site Administrators should contact PolicyStat Support ([email protected]) to see if your site is available for early access to this feature. If your site does not immediately qualify for activation, we will be sure to reach back out and let you know as soon as it does.

POLICYSTAT USER ROLES IMPACTEDOwner | Approver | Area Editor | Area Manager | Site Administrator

PolicyStat Newswire

Share Your UserVoice

How can PolicyStat get even better for you?

UserVoice grants Site Administrators a voice to vote for product updates submitted by our user community. Don't see your idea? Submit it!

Our Development team uses UserVoice votes to ensure product updates match user needs.

How will you use your votes to make PolicyStat even better? 

Here are some recent changes we've made thanks to UserVoice requests

How to Access UserVoice

Learning Center Updates

The PolicyStat Learning Center maintains the most current and up to date training and product information.

New Facebook Community Groups

We are establishing two Facebook Groups to help you connect with colleagues and share and get answers from others in your community.

Skilled Nursing Facilities 
This is a place for Skilled Nursing Facility Q&A, where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of Skilled Nursing Facility professionals powered by PolicyStat.

To check out the group, click here.

Clinical Labs
This is a place for clinical lab Q&A, where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of clinical lab scientists powered by PolicyStat.

To check out the group, click here.

Education Webinar Series Updates

In September, we began a rotation of our live Education webinars. Introductory PolicyStat Education, Writing Policies Right, and the Monthly Feature Review will remain monthly, and the remaining sessions will rotate bi-monthly.

Each webinar contains pre-recorded sessions with the same content, on demand.

October's offerings include:

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Comments and Collaboration
  3. Site Administrator 101: 3 Pillars of PolicyStat
  4. Site Administrator 201: Policy Management
  5. Site Administrator 301: Reports
We look forward to having you join us for a session in October!

User Community Forums

We know PolicyStat works best when it works best for our users. To help open the lines of communication, we'd like to encourage you to check out our User Community! It not only provides a direct line to share your thoughts on the application but also creates a collaborative environment for sharing and networking with other users just like you across the country. 

Please check out our Learning Center User Community forums at the link below to get started!
Do you have any questions or challenges getting started? Let us know at [email protected] or in the User Community Help forum.

Visit the User Community Forums

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